Slurry Seal Paver

  • Slurry Seal Paver DAW25 K42

    Slurry Seal Paver DAW25 K42

    Slurry seal/Micro surfacing paver is a new product of high intelligence, good quality and environment protecting effect.11 patent technologies are applied on this truck with proven;techniques and stable performance....
  • Slurry Seal Paver DAW12-K42

    Slurry Seal Paver DAW12-K42

    DAW12-K42 Slurry seal paver is widely used for the preventative maintenance on all kinds of roads, water-proof layer construction in the new roads and micro-surfacing construction in the express ways....
  • Slurry Seal DAW12 K42X

    Slurry Seal DAW12 K42X

    DAW12-K42X can make the slurry seal and pavement maintenance engineering of the micro table place, also can be used for the highway under construction in the sealing layer and surface treatment operations....
  • Slurry seal DAW12 K43

    Slurry seal DAW12 K43

    Slurry seal paver DAW12-K43 consists of the chassis, feeding system( aggregate, emulsion, water, padding, additive),mixing system, paving system, power system, and control system...

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